How Jappon Can Help

It takes time to learn a new language, time that many of us simply don’t have.

You may be determined to learn Japanese, but you’re just too busy to study every day! How often have you set a plan to study than before you knew the day was over and you were exhausted? Yes, it’s true, in order to learn a new language you should practice every day, but who said that spending your limited time studying is the only way to learn? At Jappon, we understand that using a language is action-based, so why should learning it be any different?

How often have you sat down to begin your study session just to realize that you are unsure of what to focus on or had forgotten what you learned last time?

Let me guess, at this point, you’re probably feeling stuck, frustrated, and overall de-motivated.

This is exactly why after years of experiencing failure myself, I was forced to discover another effective method of learning Japanese that takes little time and can easily fit into any schedule, no matter how busy! And now it’s your turn to experience the benefits.

Here’s how it works

  1. Learn one concept at a time through fast lessons.
  2. Follow the guidance to implement practice into your daily routine.
  3. Learn Japanese without the excuse of time getting in your way.

It’s time to stop stressing over trying to fit the study of Japanese into your busy schedule and start using it every day in a way that fits into your life! So you can stop feeling like a beginner forever and start finally making real progress every day towards speaking Japanese effortlessly.

Learn Japanese fast by making it a habit, not a chore.

Common Questions

How do I use Jappon?

Simply watch any of our lessons (quick, guided, or fun) while using our free worksheet to practice and plan how to implement the new Japanese into your daily life until you master it.

Are short lessons really more effective?

How often have you actually gone back and rewatched a long lesson without dreading the experience? More importantly, how much can you actually remember after a jam-packed lesson? Short lessons assure you always have time to learn, finish the lesson with a clear takeaway, and ultimately leave the experience with a strong new skill to begin using right away.

I have tried many lessons, how will yours help me?

Jappon’s lessons are planned using the wisdom of a native speaker along with answers to questions from myself, one who is acquiring Japanese as a second language. Together we provide a full perspective on the Japanese language. Give it a try and notice the difference.

How long will it take me to learn Japanese?

The total time it will take depends on the time you spend using Japanese until it feels comfortable. Our lessons are designed to ensure you can immediately put what you learn into action. Speeding up your long-term results while allowing you to spend more time practicing Japanese and less time studying.

Why should I listen to you?

Chisa grew up in Japan and is a native speaker of the language, she also is fluent in English and understands how to relate to bilingual minds. Kyle has experienced every form of language learning available and has even lived in Japan. Together we combine our unique experiences to explain the language in a way that makes sense. Plus, we truly care about your results and understand how frustrating it can be to be misunderstood…

What if I get stuck and need further help?

Submit a question, or email us directly at We look forward to hearing from you.