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coming. may, 2022

Jappon is moving to Japan. New tutors and lessons to follow.

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People In Kanji | Kanji List

People In Kanji | Kanji List

In this kanji list you will learn how to read and write 5 kanji that represent different types of people. To learn more beginner kanji, see the links below or on the main kanji list page. Kanji Learning Tips Practice writing using the proper stroke order. See below...

Making Friends Abroad | The Unexpected Story And Method

Making Friends Abroad | The Unexpected Story And Method

https://youtu.be/88s7wupptbE Making friends as an adult can be challenging, especially within a new and unfamiliar culture. However, a great friend can drastically change your life for the better. So to simplify the challenge of making friends abroad, see below for...

Hachiko Square | Japan Photography

Hachiko Square | Japan Photography

Hachiko Square has become one of the most famous spots in Japan for many to see. Here is some of my Japan photography sharing a glimpse of what to expect.Hachikō was the name of a Japanese Akita dog who waited every day for his owner to return to the station. When his...

The Best Hiragana Chart

the most artistic hiragana chart ever made.

Hiragana Chart Ki, き
Hiragana Chart U, き
Hiragana Chart Ku, く
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Jappon Mission

At Jappon, we strive to teach Japanese without boredom, wasted time, or a lack of motivation. We create the most fun and natural method of learning Japanese from the inside.

Japanese Tutors

Learn Japanese from native speakers along with me.

“I moved to Japan so you don’t have to. Discovering the best language learning tips and sharing them with you.”

Kyle Trienke

Student in Training, Health-Conscious Traveler

“Helping to bridge the gap between confusion to accomplished student.”

Chisa Saegusa

Confusion Exterminator

“Your energetic and wise Japanese tutor. Pay attention, as you don’t want to make him angry.”


Master Sensei

Chappi is the first cat that has been friendly to Shiro-San…”

Chappi The Cat

Shiro-San's Cat, Meow...

Life In Japan

My observations living in Japan as an adventurous health-conscious foreigner. Explore Japanese culture, healthy Japanese food, and much more.

Life In Japan Photos

Japan Photo

the best of what I discover in Japan.

Shrine in Japan
The Best Hiragana Chart Su


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