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Practice and learn Japanese with me in small easy steps as I share tips from my studies. I recently learned how to state if you understand or do not understand in Japanese. I have found this to be a very useful phrase for beginners when communicating with other Japanese speakers. See phrases below.

My Japanese Study Notes:

To Understand In Japanese:

  • Wakarimasu | わかります

To Not Understand In Japanese:

  • Wakarimasen | わかりません

 To Say Understood in Japanese:

  • Wakarimashita | わかりました

To Ask if Understood In Japanese (question form):

  • Wakarimasuka | わかりますか

Example Phrases:

Do you understand Japanese?

  • Nihongo ga wakarimasuka
  • (にほんご) が わかりますか
  • Replace Nihongo with any language you wish. Such as Eigo (えいご), the English language.

Sorry, I don’t understand Japanese

  • Sumimasen, nihongo ga wakarimasen
  • すみません、にほんご が わかりません


How To Practice:

  1. When someone tells you something, respond with either:
    1. wakarimashita (understood) or…
    2. wakarimasen (do not understand)
  2. When engaging with another Japanese speaker and you do not understand. Use the bonus phrase above to communicate this. You can also ask them if they understand English by using the bonus phrase above and replace nihongo (Japanese language) with eigo (English Language).

More Study Notes And Practice Tips

The fastest way to learn Japanese using these tips is to replace English with Japanese in daily life little by little until it becomes easy. Allowing you to easily practice, even on days when you are most busy!

See the video of me practicing these phrases below.

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