The Japanese language is overall fairly easy to speak. However, often I would hear words spoken in Japanese that I would find myself too nervous to ask what they meant as I could not repeat them myself. Here is a list of challenging Japanese words to pronounce demonstrated by a native speaker. Have fun with them!

The Most Difficult Words To Pronounce In Japanese

  1. Ryōri, りょうり (To Cook)
  2. Occhokochoi, おっちょこちょい (Clumsy, Scatter Brained, Goofy)
  3. Ryokou, りょこう (To Travel)
  4. Atatakakunakatta, あたたかくなかった (Wasn’t Warm)
  5. Chuushajou, ちゅうしゃじょう (Car Parking Lot)
  6. Shoryuken, しょうりゅうけん (Rising Dragon Fist, Street Fighter)
  7. Makudonarudo, マクドナルド (McDonald’s)

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