Rosetta Stone Review: Critical Tips

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Does Rosetta Stone Work?

Can you really learn a new language using Rosetta Stone? Although the program provides you various methods of practice such as speaking, visual, and reading. it does lack one CRITICAL component that could be the difference between your success or failure… EXPLANATIONS!

Don’t get me wrong. I believe you can learn a new language using Rosetta Stone. However, if your goals are to become truly fluent. You will need a bit more help to achieve that goal.

How To Use Rosetta Stone Effectively

It doesn’t take long to realize that the lack of explanation on the content you are learning is the biggest downfall with Rosetta Stone. You will not find ANY description of grammar or vocabulary aside from direct translations available within the app. This quickly becomes confusing and doesn’t leave one feeling motivated to return for more. So how can you overcome this?

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  1. Grab a textbook on fundamentals to help with grammar.
    • Genki
    • Japanese From Zero!
  2. Use additional free apps such as Duolingo to explain the basics.
  3. If you’re lucky and know native speakers, question them without being too annoying…

I personally gave up on Rosetta Stone a while back due to the lack of guidance. However, upon returning to the platform with a few fundamentals explained to me. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the program. After that, it was off to steady and rewarding progress. With all that said, allow me to answer the question you may eagerly be awaiting the answer for…

Is Rosetta Stone Really Worth It?

Yes! As long as you are not expecting Rosetta Stone to be the ONLY tool you will need to become fluent in a new language. Let’s get real here, I don’t think there is any ONE tool to rule them all when it comes to achieving that ambitious goal. Think about it, even your own native language took much more than just a single app to become fluent in.

In conclusion, if you are willing to do a bit of research on the side. You can expect to make great progress towards learning a new language with Rosetta Stone.

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Just don’t expect to be fluent, expect to be… Decent 🙂

my personal opinion…

The Fastest Way To Learn a Language

Aside from my suggested list of methods above. The fastest way to learn a new language using Rosetta Stone would be to have someone guide you through each lesson as you go. Fortunately, for those of you reading who wish to learn Japanese. I am putting together a series where I personally explain the essential missing details from each section within Rosetta Stone. Saving you the trouble of having to perform your own additional research.

Consider this the critical missing guide to truly making Rosetta Stone a perfect product.

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