Looking for a fun new app to practice using a new language? Fortunately, the app Ling is here to help. Including lessons that allow you to put new knowledge to use through monkey based chatbots. Yes, monkeys…

If you’re at all curious about the Ling app, allow me to share with you all that you can expect on the inside. Including many available languages rarely found in other apps.


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Ling’s lesson plan includes up to 50 units organized by skill level. Here you will find lessons taking you from beginner to expert!

Once you enter a unit, you can either engage in a handful of lessons, practice speaking through a variety of example phrases, learn and practice how to write new characters with or without guided instructions, and of course take an exam that will allow you to review everything taught within the current unit.

If at anypoint you wish to randomly practice between everything in the app you have beaten so far. You can enter a review mode from the main lesson screen to try out a series of random questions to keep that retention sharp!

It’s also worth noting that you are free to play any unit you want from the entire course at any time. It does not rely on unlocking new sections as you go. So explore as you wish!

Additional Writing and Speaking Practice

Every unit throughout Ling will teach you how to write new Hiragana characters in a dedicated writing section. Here you can watch as the app draws a specific character, then practice writing it yourself.

This feature of the app does seem to only include Hiragana. So if you’re looking to learn Katakana or Kanji. You are limited to learning through reading and writing practice throughout the lessons themselves.

If you wish to practice speaking new phrases and vocabulary. Within each unit there is a dedicated speaking section you can use to practice the new material. You also have plenty of opportunity to practice speaking within the dedicated chatbot section.


Lesson Progression

Each level begins by teaching new vocabulary, then continues to show how to use it within a collection of new phrases. In terms of grammar, you are mostly learning through a collection example phrases and conversational scenarios along the way.

The gameplay experience itself, consists of a variety of multiple choice questions, matching cards English to Japanese, building new sentences by filling in the blanks, and of course spelling out new words using romaji or if you wish, kana to type out new words.

Lesson Chatbot

By the time you reach the end of a lesson you are now prepared for a conversation with your monkey friend.

Throughout these experiences you first begin by listening and reading along with the dialog. Then it’s up to you to participate by filling in the blanks to complete the conversation.

I really enjoy this aspect of each lesson. As it increases engagement while providing the feeling of actually talking with someone in Japanese.

Help and Guidance

One thing to mention regarding gameplay in terms of what NOT to expect… Is much help along the way.

But have no fear, if you do get stuck. You can always resort to using hints which will help fill in some blanks for you. Hopefully helping you piece together the rest of the phrase for yourself.

Keep in mind, when KEY points do need to be addressed. Instructional guides will pop up during gameplay, helping to guide you along as the lesson progresses.


This section of the app is my favourite by far. Here you have access to a large list of practically themed conversations to engage in for practice. What’s great about the chatbot section specifically, is the conversation experience is far more dynamic than what you get in the regular lessons.

For example, you’re not only limited to one possible response, each conversation allows you to select between a variety of responses to guide the conversation in a few different directions. On top of this, you can also choose between selecting or speaking a response out loud by hitting the audio button.

If you ever get stuck throughout conversation, you can always choose to show translations, or change the writing system to one that you are more comfortable reading.

In my opinion when it comes to practice and reviewing, the chatbot feature is a clear winner.


Now that you know all the ways to play this app. How about tracking your progress? By going down to the profile tab below. You can at any point see your:

  • Banana count (very important of course)
  • Fluency rating
  • Days on streak
  • Overall score
  • Your Ranking on the leaderboards

There is also a fun achievement tab where you can see what goals you’ve hit and which ones are left to achieve as you continue to play your way through this app.


As of writing this article, Ling teaches 60+ languages. For a full list, please visit the Ling website.


So what do you think, is Ling the right app for you?


  • 60+ languages overall.
  • Lots of replay value.
  • Powerful chatbot features.
  • Cross-platform access.


  • Lack of grammar insight.
  • Lack of help during gameplay.
  • Less focus on writing practice.


At the time of writing this article, the subscription options include the following:

  • $15 per month.
  • $65 per year.
  • $150 for a lifetime membership.

What If I Don’t Want To Pay?

If you are still unsure about purchasing this app, you can download Ling for free and test it out.


Click here, to quickly get started using Ling for free. If you wish to purchase the app, using this link will help support our channel at no extra cost to you.


I hope this review has helped you decide if Ling is the right choice for you. If you wish to learn more or ask any further questions regarding the Ling app. Please watch or leave a comment on the video review.

If you are looking for a free option to learn Japanese using Duolingo. I suggest subscribing to the Jappon YouTube Channel where we have a video series that walks you through each section with the guidance of a native Japanese speaker.

Thank you so much for reading, we wish you all the best in your language learning journey.

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