Learn Hiragana | wa wo n

The Japanese alphabet known as hiragana is the native Japanese writing system. Master reading, writing, and speaking the hiragana characters (wa wo n | わをん) by following the examples below.

Use the illustrations from The Jappon Hiragana Chart to easily memorize each character while also learning new common Japanese words. See if you can find them in the illustrations!

How To Write Hiragana

Learn how to write hiragana by following the stroke orders below. For more help on how to write each character, see the hiragana practice video below.

wa in hiragana (わ, wa)

wa in Hiragana Chart
How to write wa in Hiragana

practice writing the following common Japanese word starting with wa in hiragana.

  • Japanese Style Clothing: わふく | wafuku

wo in hiragana (を, wo)

wo in Hiragana Chart
How to write wo in Hiragana

practice writing this common Japanese word starting with wo in hiragana.

  • Tail: を, (お) | wo, (o)
  • *can be pronounced either way.

n in hiragana (ん, n)

n in Hiragana Chart
How to write n in Hiragana

practice writing these common Japanese words that include n in hiragana.

  • Gold: きん | kin
  • Silver: ぎん | gin
  • Nature: しぜん | shizen

Hiragana Writing Practice Video

Hiragana Pronunciation

Learn hiragana pronunciation by listening to a native Japanese speaker.

Hiragana Chart | Learn More Hiragana Characters

Learn more hiragana characters through fun illustrations with the Jappon Hiragana Chart, by downloading hiragana practice worksheets, or by reviewing additional articles on how to learn hiragana.

Hiragana Chart, wa wo n, わをん

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