During a recent trip to Tokyo, I had noticed various words to sound quite sounded funny. When I had asked, I discovered that they are not actually real words. They were Japanese onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is commonly used in the Japanese language, so here is a good starter list from the most common ones that I frequently heard. See the video for demonstrations from a local native Japanese speaker.


  1. Doki Doki どきどき (Nervous!)
  2. Fuwa Fuwa, ふわふわ (Fluffy, Floating)
  3. Ira Ira, イライラ (Annoyed)
  4. Kira Kira (Shiny!)
  5. Mochi Mochi, もちもち (Soft, Squishy)
  6. Niko Niko, ニコニコ (Smile)
  7. Pera Pera, ぺらぺら (To speak Fluent, The sound made with flipping paper…)
  8. Waku Waku, ワクワク (Excited)

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