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Japanese Greetings At Home Practice Guide

There are numerous ways to greet in Japanese. This guide focuses on the Japanese greetings that you can easily practice at home on a daily basis. Ensuring that you won’t forget them and can immediately begin learning and speaking Japanese at home.

Leaving And Returning Home

The following Japanese greetings work as a call and response when leaving or returning home. The one who is leaving or returning will state the call phrase. Those who are home to greet the family member will respond using the matching response phrases listed below. 


used by the one leaving or returning.

1. ittekimasu, いってきます

I will go and come back. (see you later)

use when leaving the house.

2. tadaima, ただいま

I’m home.

use when returning home.


used by the ones at home to greet.

1. okaeri nasai, おかえりなさい

Welcome home.

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use as a response when one returns home and says “tadaima”. The nasai part is additional for politeness. It is not required, yet I recommend practicing this.

2. itterasshai, いってらっしゃい

Please go and come back. (see yah)

use as a response when one leaves the house and says “ittekimasu”.

Time Of Day

Japanese greetings to use at home based on the time of day.

ohayou gozaimasu, おはようございます

Good morning.

Used between early morning and noon. To speak more casually you can skip the gozaimasu portion and just say ohayou. However, practicing polite Japanese is always recommended!

oyasumi nasai, おやすみなさい

Good night.

Used only before actually going to bed. To speak more casually you can skip the nasai portion and just say oyasumi. However, speaking polite Japanese is always recommended!

Common Japanese Greetings Used At Home

Various ways to greet in Japanese commonly used at home.

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moshi moshi, もしもし

Hello (when answering the phone).

Used only when answering the phone. It’s important to say moshi twice… Just because it’s more fun!

irasshai, いらっしゃい


Used to politely greet others entering or visiting your home. If you ever enter a store in Japan you will most likely hear this greeting in the full polite version irasshai mase quickly spoken to you.

ojamashimasu, おじゃまします

Thank you for having me, sorry to disturb you.

Used when entering someone’s home or when guests enter your home. The translation is lengthy as you may have noticed. However, the general meaning is to politely say thanks for having me, I hope I am no trouble…

Japanese Listening Practice

Listen to a native Japanese speaker pronounce and speak each of the phrases in this guide. Helping you with your Japanese pronunciation and the memorization of these Japanese greetings.

Japanese Greetings At Home

Click to hear a Japanese speaker pronounce each greeting.


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