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How To Order Sushi In Japan

If you love sushi then visiting a sushi conveyor restaurant is a MUST in Japan. This video will take you through the entire experience of how to order sushi in Japan and what to expect at an exciting sushi conveyor restaurant. Saving you from any confusion in the future.


To order your sushi, grab a plate off the conveyor belt as it passes or order off the provided menu at each table. The simplest way to order in Japanese is to use the following formula…

  • (ITEM NAME) + Kudasai. = Item Please. (Example, Negitoro Kudasai).
  • You can also use your fingers to represent numbers of how many items to order.


Every table provides you with the following.

  • Menu.
  • Hot water dispensor for tea (The spout is likely attached to the side of the table near the conveyor.)
  • Matcha powder to make green tea (comes with a cute little spoon.)
  • Ginger, Soy Sauce, Wasabi.
  • Chopsticks and Cups.

Some words of advice.

  1. Go easy on the matcha… The scooper is small for a reason. Its potent stuff, so start with a little and work your way up as needed.
  2. Go easy on the wasabi… In Japan most sushi has wasabi on it already. Placed between the fish and rice, you may not need to add anymore!


Payment is very simple, yet sophisticated. Each plate you take remains at your table after eating. Once it’s time to pay, the waiter or waitress will come around and scan your stack of plates. Each colour or pattern represents a different price. Usually, you will find a price guide per plate design on the wall or on the conveyor itself as the sushi comes around.

Enjoy your endless sushi!

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