Duolingo Japanese Walkthrough

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Duolingo Japanese Walkthrough

I have teamed up with a local Japanese speaker to help clear up questions or confusion throughout Duolingo Japanese. Experience the perfect combination of learning Japanese from the perspective of a student and the guidance of a master. All using the free app Duolingo, goodbye excuses…

What To Expect From This Series?

There is nothing worse than moving on to a new lesson while carrying questions from the previous one. With Jappon’s help, you will be able to move forward through each section of Duolingo with confidence and understanding. Each section we cover will provide a full in depth explanation of the grammar and phrases from a native speaker. Allowing you to complete Duolingo while getting the most out of it.

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The Process.

  1. Together we will review and study the section of Duolingo Covered.
  2. Next, we will collect our notes and fill in the information that is missing from the app’s explanations, while answering common questions you may have regarding the section content.
  3. Finally, we will film a video to share with you that explains all the details you will need to complete each section with confidence.

Why Duolingo?

I have found Duolingo to be the most effective and accessible free Japanese learning app available to anyone. I have not tried every app available out there… However, Duolingo certainly includes many great features to make learning Japanese habitual and fun.

Now for the big question…

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Can You Become Fluent In Japanese By Using Duolingo?

The app alone will teach you plenty of Japanese. However, like any method of learning a language, there will be difficulties along the way without input from real Japanese speakers. This is where Jappon comes in, by following this series you will have all your questions answered and knowledge tested on a native Japanese speaker.

OK, now you are totally out of excuses… Sorry.

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