Duolingo Japanese Walkthrough Introduction

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Your step by step guide through the entire Duolingo Japanese program. Can you really become fluent in Japanese by using Duolingo? What is the best app to learn Japanese? This series will walk you through the entire…

The Complete Duolingo Japanese Walkthrough

I have teamed up with a local Japanese speaker to help clear up any questions or confusions throughout the entire Duolingo Japanese program. This series provides you with step by step guidance throughout Duolingo Japanese from start to finish. Experience the perfect combination of learning Japanese from the perspective of a student and the guidance of a master. All using the amazing free app Duolingo.

Goodbye Excuses…

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Complete Duolingo Japanese… With help of course!

What To Expect From This Series?

There is nothing worse than moving on to a new lesson while carrying questions from the previous one. This series will eliminate this issue for you! With Jappon you will be able to move forward through each section of Duolingo with confidenceunderstanding, and guidance from me and a native Japanese speaker. Allowing you to complete Duolingo while getting the most out of it.

The Process.

I will be releasing videos and written reviews upon completion of each section of Duolingo. During my studies, I will be taking notes and reviewing them alongside a Japanese speaker. Ensuring all the information is correct and how Japanese speakers actually talk. Once I complete my notes we will get behind the camera and share this knowledge with you all, while also providing you a written reference to review. As a result, learning Japanese just got a whole lot easier for you.

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Why Duolingo?

Obviously moving to Japan is the most effective way to learn Japanese. However, this is not practical for everyone. I have tried many ways to learn Japanese over the years. Everything from reading books, watching videos, moving to Japan, and various apps. I found Duolingo to be the most effectiveaccessiblehabitual, and overall fun! Providing you not only with the knowledge but also the tools you need to stay on track. Everything from competition between friends, fear tactics such as losing your streak, and cute characters motivating you along the way. As of recently this also includes Angry Birds! Now for the best part, its free and anyone can get started using Duolingo immediately.

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What Is The Best App To Learn Japanese?

Duolingo is an incredible app that helps you stay on track while enjoying the process of learning Japanese or a variety of other languages. To top it all off its completely free to use. I have not tried all the other apps available, however, after using Duolingo I felt no reason to look elsewhere.

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Now for the big question…

Can You Become Fluent In Japanese By Using Duolingo?

The app alone will teach you more than enough to survive in Japan. However, like any method of learning a language, there will be difficulties along the way without input from real Japanese speakers. This is where Jappon comes in, by following this series you will have all your questions answered and knowledge tested on a native Japanese speaker. Allowing you to gain the confidence that what you’re learning is how Japanese really speak. Plus it’s pretty motivating to get consistent feedback from a real Japanese speaker!

How Can Jappon Help You?

I have teamed up with a local native Japanese speaker to question and confirm all that is taught while learning Japanese through Duolingo. Helping to smooth out the entire process section by section. That way you can progress through Duolingo with 100% confidence until completion.

OK, now you are totally out of excuses… Sorry.

*Motivation Tip – Why Learn a New Language?

  • Connect with others.
  • Enjoy stress free travel.
  • Open up new possibilities.
  • Increase your brain size!


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