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Practice and learn Japanese with me in small easy steps as I share tips from my studies. In this Japanese tip, you will learn how to say but or yet in Japanese. See phrases below.

My Japanese Study Notes:

Japanese Vocabulary:

  • But: demo | でも
  • Yet: mada | まだ

Japanese Phrases:

I understand English, (but) I don’t understand Japanese.

  • eigo ga wakarimasu, (demo) nihongo ga wakarimasen
  • 英語 が わかります (でも) 日本語 が わかりません

I understand Japanese, (but) I am not good at it (yet).

  • nihongo ga wakarimasu, (demo) (*mada) jouzu ja arimasen
  • 日本語 が わかります (でも) (*まだ) じょうずじゃありません
  • * As you can see mada (yet) comes before “not good at” in Japanese. Compared to in English as we would say yet at the end.

How To Practice:

When someone asks you about your skill level in Japanese, rather than just saying I understand a little. You can say more specifically, I understand Japanese, but I am not good at it yet! Give this challenge a try!

More Study Notes And Practice Tips

The fastest way to learn Japanese using these tips is to replace English with Japanese in daily life little by little until it becomes easy. Allowing you to easily practice, even on days when you are most busy!

See the video of me practicing these phrases below.

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